Getting Started

Sizing is important, especially when making team orders. We have a selection of apparel in stock that you can sign out to ensure you have the proper fit before we imprint your order.

Whether you supply us with the artwork, we design for you, or you select from our catalogue, we make sure your artwork looks great on your apparel. We have a catalogue of over 10,000 pre-designed images. We can begin with one of these images and then add any lettering you might want. If your organization/team has an idea for an image or existing artwork, we can build on that theme. Or if you would like us to create the artwork for you, we have a great designer that can bring your images into play. Once your artwork is ready, we create a sew disc for embroidery or convert into vector format for screen-printing. A one time fee is charged for this.

If it's made of fabric, chances are, we can imprint it. Our technology has printed on sportsbags, horse blankets, BBQ covers and more. We encourage you to get in touch if you have a specialty item for printing - we're always up for the challenge! You can supply your own product for us to imprint. We would be happy to order your product through our suppliers, imprint it, giving you access to a one stop shop.